Meet The Justice Conference Crew

23/06/2018 10:00:00 AM | Eloise Corlett

The Justice Conference is one of the largest social justice conferences, bringing together world-class speakers, performers and artists into gatherings designed to catalyse emerging works of justice around the world. Each year, TJC hosts incredible speakers, artists and performers to develop a jam-packed program of thought-provoking and topical social justice issues. In the four short years since it's commencement, TJC Australia has helped to unify and connect people of diverse expressions within the Christian faith.

Ever wondered about the people in the engine room of the event planning process? We lift the curtain on the newly dubbed fantastic four: Courtney, Heidi, Paul and Zara who are the see-ers and doe-ers of TJC Australia. How do they contribute to the conference and what drives them creatively and ethically?

Paul-1.jpgEvery weekend he cooks. And not just your run-of-the-mill Aussie staple of three meat and veg; Conference Director Paul Flavel creates exotic slow-cooked dishes described in mouth-watering detail to the envious Friday TJC staff. Paul is also the Australian Program Coordinator for TEAR and provides strategic direction, stakeholder relationship management and overall global direction and vision for the conference and is the driving force of this talented and tight-knit team. Paul has a passion to raise awareness within the church on justice from a Biblical and theological standpoint, believing strongly that this then acts as a catalyst for driving action-based justice in a myriad of ways.

Zara Vaccari recently crocheted blankets for each oZara.jpgf her nieces and nephews, using wool sourced solely from op shops. Resourceful and savvy, Zara loves to upcycle, repurpose and locally source everything she can to reduce waste, food miles and unrenewable resource depletion. As the Conference Producer, she oversees the logistics of the event, including supplier relationships, key volunteer development and production schedule, now overseeing the global coordination of TJC in the now nine countries it’s spread across.

So certain was she about the success of last years event that she bet if numbers were higher than 1000 attendees, she would get a tattoo of the TJC rose. Well, the logo can never change now, because it's forever on her forearm! Zara is also passionate about gender equality and organises gender awareness training within the TEAR Gender Working Group.

Courtney.jpgPartnership Manager for The Justice Conference and also Paul’s PA, Courtney Krause is a powerhouse of administrative wonders and her information retention is awe-inspiring. Courtney comes from a family of travellers. Racking up visits to 13 countries thus far with her most recent trip being to Nepal, she led a team on an Exposure experience to visit TEAR’s supporters to get a first-hand experience of the work they do. In 2013 she went to Papua New Guinea with the school she was working for at the time and saw first-hand the conditions of poverty that people in the same stage of life as her were living in. It gave her a huge wake-up call about the far reach of white privilege and she decided then and there to dedicate her life to furthering justice.

Joining TJC as Event Coordinator for Australia, Heidi.jpgHeidi McKerrow is a multitalented and creative individual who is delving back into event management after two years in the extremely creative role of childbearing two gorgeous little humans. She’s passionate about the power of events to draw people together and this spills over into other areas of her life where she creates beautiful and welcoming spaces with her love for hospitality. She has been putting action into her value for environmental justice through reducing household consumption through careful planning and exploring alternatives to plastic waste such as beewax wraps, reusable silicon storage and Onya produce bags for shopping.

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